As authors we all want to sell more books, find new readers, and not toss all of our profits back into ads and promos to do so. Authors are a resource in and of themselves. Authors who write characters of color have readers who are willing to cross genre borders to read about heroines who look like themselves. For the week leading up to Valentine’s Day during Black History month, we will spread the word about “When Black Women Fall” — a week-long promo featuring romances with African-American heroines.

When is it?

February 8-14, 2016. The week leading up to Valentine’s Day during Black History month.

What Is It?

The promo will include romances in the contemporary, historical, paranormal, science fiction and fantasy, and erotica genres. The two requirements are that the heroine must be of African/African-American descent, and she must fall in love: same race, interracial, LGBT, aliens, cyborg—doesn’t matter to us, as long as it’s a black woman falling in love!

What Do I Have To Do?

The actual promotion is only a week’s commitment of time and attention. Before and during the promotion, each author will be asked to:

  • send out a message to your newsletter about the event,
  • post on social media,
  • drop the price of their book to $0.99 for the duration of the promo week.

We will prepare a press release, a list of tweets, and sample posts for Facebook and Instagram about the event and the various authors for you to share. Of course you’re free to craft your own posts, but we value your time as much as you do and are happy to take care of this for you.

We are also putting together an excerpt book. You can use the PDF excerpt book as a reader magnet to gain more signups for your mailing list, and/or as a treat for your fans. For the excerpt book we will need:

  • An excerpt from your book.
  • You have the choice of answering interview questions, or sharing your real life love story or first kiss, or some other interesting tidbit you’d like to share.
  • At the end of your contribution to the excerpt book, we’d ask you to place a URL for a mailing list sign up and the buy links to your book.

Again, it’s about getting more readers in front of your book.

What Do Readers Get Out of This?

The most exciting thing for readers is that they get introduced to new authors who write black heroines! If that and the free excerpt aren’t enough, we also have a giveaway basket that includes a Kindle, along with a few quintessential romance novels featuring black heroines, and a gift certificate for Carol’s Daughter! Sorry, authors are not allowed to enter to win;-)

Is There a Cost?

The cost is $15 per author to offset the cost of the giveaway basket and the use of a tour company that will assist in setting up blog visits to spread the word about the giveaway and discounted books.

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